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Thalitha Children's Trust

Every year, over 3500 South African babies are abandoned by their mothers. These mothers feel incapable of or unwilling to care for and raise their newborns. Often, they choose to abandon them to the care of hospitals, seeing them as better equipped for the needs of their babies.


In truth, hospitals do not have the specific resources for abandoned babies. They can only provide them with basic healthcare, while they await placement in various institutions or homes. A loving, stable environment is critical to a baby’s first few weeks. It is essential if they are to develop healthy relationships later in life. So important is this stage, that it will be the foundation of their entire social perception with the world.



We recognize the negative effects of abandonment. It is our mission to help care for these babies, by both providing them with necessary supplies (such as nappies, clothing, toiletries and blankets), as well as stimulating, nurturing and loving them. To that end, Dr Zindoga, Dr Mary-Joe Stevens and Anastasia Posokhov created the Thalitha Children’s Trust. Operating as an NPO, the Trust devotes itself to providing care for abandoned infants.



We devote ourselves to helping infants abandoned to hospitals grow up surrounded by love.

With the help of public and corporate donations we can build specialised units within hospitals.

Our units will house abandoned children while they await relocation to permanent homes.



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