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Accident left me to Suffer Campaign

My name is Thato Lechema and im from Khayelitsha, i used to go to the University of Capetown. During the year i was travelling from home to school, because i had to look after my grandmother as she is the only one around. The money i go from Nsfas was used to buy food at home and buy other necessary items. Badly, i was hit by a car going to school and i have now cant go to school, so i took a leave of absence because im depressed and trying to get used to my new life, the wheelchair life. I cant go back to school. I am raising the money so that i afford a self-driving wheelchair as those are expensive. i want to rebuild the shack here at home so that my grand mom can be safe and there is no rain going in and i want to pay the money i own to the loan sharks that had to be borrowed to take me to hospital and everything which that amounted to 25000 and i need money to survive with my grand mother for food and everything else. i need to pay the therapists and pay my outstanding debt to the university so that when i go back i am not financially block to continue. Reaching this target will make me cover everything and be emotionally coping , while getting used to the wheelchair life.


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R 200 000.00

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