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The purpose of this fundraising is to help youth in my area to pick up their socks, and make a living for themselves. Why I need it? As a young woman, it is so hard seeing people that were part of my childhood give up on their lives, partaking in substance abuse and ending up homeless. What am I going to do with the funds raised? Transportation industry in my area is developing, and so it would be of great pleasure for me to create employment for this young men and women. How? Firstly If they don't have licenses, I will make sure that they get licensed and get registered for PDPs, then I will get 2nd hand cars 3 of them, register for uber, indrive and bolt, so that they can be able to put a bread on the tables for their families. 
How am I related to them? 
I am not related to any of the people I see on the street. They are people around my area, that I have seen grow and have seen me grow too. Some are my former classmates, some are orphans, some their parents abandoned them, so they have no where to live, surviving from the coins/changes people donate. 

It is important for me to raise this funds to create employment so that;
1. I don't leave my peers behind as we grow. 
2. They can stop depending on people, or endangering their lives with trying to hustle in the wrong ways possible, leading to crime. 
3. They can sustain and support their families 
4. They stop running to substance use to run away from the challenges they face.
5. So that they can also build on and maintain their overall wellbeing. 

Impact; If I raise the funds, I will be more grateful for the support, and for the faith my supporters have in me. It will be of great pleasure to receive the funds to make a change in my area, a good example to an empath like me out there that they can reach out to supporters and help others so that it grows, bits by bits decreasing unemployment, and increasing independency. It will be of great help to be a voice for the voiceless. 

How will the funds raised be used? 
1. Get the individuals to driving school, get them licensed, and register for PPDs. 
2. Get them cleared for criminal records. 
3. Get them auctioned vehicles, help register the cars for WORK i.e Delivery services & Transportation services. 
4. I would also use it to sponsor their business ideas, register them with CIPC. 
5. Help build a foundation for themselves. 

I myself am a final year physiotherapy student at Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University, aiming for success, and that is what I would like to see for my peers. 

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