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HOUSE OF RESTORATION project - A house of safety, established in 2009 for abused and vulnerable women with their own children as well as teenage girls where they ?nd shelter and safety, so that they can grow and learn life skills whilst keeping their children with them, thus keeping the family unit together. Their basic needs are met such as healthy nutrious food, toiletries, clothing and shelter. We help them prepare for their future by providing creave skills development and entrepreneurial training which will assist in ensuring long term self-sustainability. We provide trauma debrie?ng, counseling and life coaching to help them ?nd peace and acceptance with the past and help them move forward and plan for their future and reach their goals. We provide inner healing workshops enabling them to examine themselves and truly understand who they are and ?nd their purpose in life. We provide security and safety from dangerous spouses or partners who may be looking for them. We provide safety, support, counseling and medical care to women who have been raped and sexually abused or violated. We help women to find their feet by assisting them in finding employment as well as finding suitable accommodation. 

Social science research consistently demonstrates the crucial role that the mother plays in the well-being of her children and family.  Recent studies highlight how mothers’ parenting, relationship status and stability, and own well-being are correlated with the welfare of their families.  As research demonstrates mothers are crucial to the well-being of their children.  Specific programmes that we present are:   General counselling;  Life Coaching – Inner Life Skills and Group Therapy;  Addiction Recovery and Support group;  Trauma Debriefing;  Bible study groups;  Skills development classes (Cooking, Baking, Jewellery making, Fabric painting, Sewing and knitting);  HIV / Aids training and support;  Legal advice and support etc.

VISION - To empower the poor, youth, aged, disabled, jobless and uneducated to lead a meaningful and digni?ed life so that they can ful?ll their physical, spiritual, family, social, career and financial needs and to enable them to pay it forward to others from day to day.

MISSION - To create and facilitate an environment to care for and mentor our “Vision” audience through a care centre where they will be provided with safe housing, healthy nutrition, medical services, education skills training, job creation, creative recreation and spiritual development on a sustainable basis.

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