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The Desert Elephants Trust Cause

Elephants and also Desert-adapted Elephants, in Namibia, do not enjoy any special protection under Namibian law. If they did, we may have been able to save Voortrekker, aka the Old Man.   We are in the process of establishing a Trust, which will be the governing body for this purpose.

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Donor Messages

riccardo bianchi
Minister, alive animals pay your people far more than killed ones. You killed voortrekker and made your citizen literally poorer. Hunting is killing your future
Katie Klemenchich
Save our elephants
Debra maggs
For voortrekker
Tania Busby
Save the Namibian elephants
Ingrid Denissen
For Voortrekker. Hope that the horror of trophy hunting will stop one day.
Soretha Visser
We need to protect our Elephant population for future generations wirh tge necessary laws in place
Andreas Fuhs
For sensible legislation
So happy there will be a defense for voortrekker
Jeanne van Rensburg
Will donate again