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The Guardians of the National Treasure

The Guardians of the National Treasure (GNT) is a non-profit organisation, run by the community for the community, that helps underprivileged children and families on a daily basis with food, education, clothing, sports and other activities in Lavender Hill, Cape Town, South Africa. The GNT works to champion culture and community spirit through voluntary and community action, working inclusively and non-violently with the community.   The suburb of Lavender Hill is in the Cape Flats, an area of high unemployment to the south-east of the Central Business District of Cape Town. The area is also called ‘Gangland’ with high levels of poverty, violence, gun and gang-related crime. Parents have problems collecting their children from schools in high-risk areas and high school graduates cannot find jobs or further training. Gangs use children as young as 10 or 12 years old to deliver and sell drugs. We help to keep these kids busy with support and activities, especially sport.

Donor Messages

Jane Sherwood
With love and thanks for all you are doing to feed the children.
Veronica Kamerling
Good luck with the project
Laurence Halsted
With thanks to Stephen and Joel for their webinars.
I hope my little helps
Mike Porteous
Great to see a glimpse of what you do - hope this helps
MI and Beyond
Keep up the good work! From Joel Porter
James Lawrence
You are doing an amazing job! Thank you!!!
Steve Rollnick
Please thank the volunteer heroes!
Keep up the good work!

Activity feed

28 May 2020 USD $ 123
19 May 2020 USD $ 16
19 May 2020 USD $ 23
18 May 2020 USD $ 14
18 May 2020 USD $ 32