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The Way Home Foundation (NPC)

We strongly believe there’s a need for a second phase shelter as too many homeless individuals get taken in by first phase shelters, however they only have a certain time period (normally 3 -6 months)  which we have seen is not enough to get them back on their feet with work, accommodation and the necessary skills to provide for themselves. This being said, they eventually just end up back on the street. We will be focusing on taking them in from first phase and continue to work with them untill they are ready to reintegrate into society.

We had the privilege of getting to know these individuals and it’s amazing to hear their stories, not all of them are just too lazy to work and sit with a blanket begging. This is when we realized there’s a bigger issue within our country and additional support is needed urgently.

Within our foundation we will be focusing on the following criteria’s:


  • Skills development (Arts & Crafts / Computer Skills / DIY Skills)
  • Life Skills / Personal Up-Liftment / Problem Solving
  • Assist in sourcing for work opportunities
  • Connecting them with their families


As we are a new registered organisation we need support with funds to secure a premises that will be home to these individuals, were we can provide support, training and counselling.


We will also be focusing on smaller projects, like we did in the past with the I.D initiative. Raising money in order to make sure each homeless person can apply for his or her I.D card should they not have any form of identification, which is a requirement for day to day living in normal society.


We look forward to working with not only the homeless people but also with the communities and residents, making sure we can enrich the quality of life for our less fortunate neighbours.


We are truly grateful for your support!


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Fundraising target

R 250 000.00

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