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I'm a single mother with no seport from the father for my daughter Layla, I'm not working my children and I are living with my stepfather who is currently helping us to survive with the little he has. I have no income except a sosial grand from the government to seport Layla with, and even that money doesn't cover all expenses for her. 

Layla is a strong willed young lady who does her best in school always studying hard and making sure her education comes first, she is an excellent student in school grades high, she is a leader in my eyes since she does her best in class and her hole academic year 2023. Layla dream job one day is to become a psychologist, there for she needs the best education school were she can study with good grades, the High School she want's to attend is the best in our erea Florida High School, for me as her mother I will always do my best to see if I can push her to do her best and to believe in her education.

Layla will be forever grateful if we can get a sponser who believes in the best education for a child who really wants it this bad as Layla does. 

Book fees R3800
Camp 2024 R980
Annual year school fees R27 000

Here is a brake down for the school fees for Florida High School 2024 the R980 is a camp that Layla needs to attend in January 2024 the book fees R3800 is compolserry have to be paid up in full before School year starts in January 2024 the R27 000 can be paid off through out the year.

If anyone can find it in there hearts to sponser Layla on the best education she will not disappoint anyone.

Kind Regards 
Theadora Basson 

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