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Ignite the Fire in Zach Campaign

In the heart of South Africa, a resilient soul named Zachary is on the verge of a life-altering opportunity – an invitation to the MIT Innovative Leadership Bootcamp. Behind this prospect, however, lies a tale of determination and unyielding spirit.

Zachary's journey has been marked by hurdles and setbacks, beginning with his struggle through Matric, which initially closed the doors to traditional university education. Undeterred, he carved his own path in the professional realm, tirelessly proving his mettle.

Despite his triumphs, Zachary faces a challenging reality. His family, caught in the web of financial constraints and strained relationships, is unable to provide the support he needs for this transformative experience. The tension within the family adds layers of complexity to his pursuit.

In an extraordinary turn of fate, Zachary's prowess in Software Engineering, showcased with a flawless 100% in a course at Stellenbosch, earned him a coveted spot among the select few at the MIT Bootcamp. Against all odds, he emerged victorious in a fierce competition, securing his place among eight exceptional individuals.

Zachary's acceptance is not just a testament to his technical prowess but a recognition of his unwavering dedication to community and a profound work ethic. Yet, the lack of familial support threatens to dim the spark of this remarkable achievement.

Now, he stands at a crossroads, with a heartfelt plea for assistance. With a deadline looming on 29 February 2024, Zachary aims to raise R230000 ($12000) to fund his MIT journey. This is more than a fundraiser; it's a call to rally behind a dream, a plea to empower a young visionary who seeks to bring positive change to the world.

Your support can turn the page for Zachary, transforming obstacles into stepping stones, and helping him flourish on a global stage. Let's come together to fuel not just a dream but the potential for a brighter future. Join us on this emotional journey as we ignite the fire within Zachary's heart, paving the way for a profound and lasting impact.

What relationship do you have with the beneficiary?

Zachary holds a special place in my heart as my boyfriend. We've shared the highs and lows of life, and witnessing his journey has been both inspiring and humbling. His determination in the face of adversity fuels my belief in his potential and the impact he can make on the world.

Why is it important to you that the funds are raised?

The significance of raising these funds extends beyond financial support. It symbolizes a collective belief in Zachary's dreams, reinforcing the idea that obstacles can be overcome with a united community. Seeing him flourish at the MIT Bootcamp is not just a personal victory; it's a shared triumph that resonates with everyone who believes in the power of dreams.

What will the impact be if you are able to raise the funds needed?

The impact of securing these funds goes beyond the immediate goal. It opens the door to a transformative experience for Zachary, providing him with the tools and knowledge to bring about positive change. It's not just an investment in education; it's an investment in the potential for a brighter, more empowered future.

How will funds raised be used?

Every Rand/Dollar raised will be meticulously allocated to cover the tuition costs for the MIT Innovative Leadership Bootcamp. Additionally, the funds will assist in addressing immediate financial challenges within Zachary's family, fostering a supportive environment. Transparency and accountability will be upheld, ensuring that each contributor plays a crucial role in the realization of Zachary's dreams.


Fundraising target

R 230 000.00

Donations to date

R 114.60

Donor Messages

Here's to the first of many donations. I hope and pray that you raise the funds you require for your studies. I've helped with what I can even though it's not a lot.

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