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Makgadikgadi drought relief Campaign

Theo and Marnie Snyman from Camelthorn Farmstead Khumaga:

We are situated directly next to the Makgadigadi National Park in Central Botswana, sharing a fence on the western side. We have been living here for the past six years, farming with Dragon Fruit.

The Boteti river, that is part of the western boundary of the park and the main source of water for all the wildlife has dried up and been dry since October 2022. At the moment there are only a couple of boreholes and two well points that are equipped to pump water for a huge number of wildlife. Camelthorn Farmstead personally equipped one well with a solar pump. We are also pumping two other well points with a petrol operated water pump.

Our water pumping schedule is 06h00 to 09h00 and then 16hoo to 19h30 every day for 7 days a week. It is taking up a lot of man hours (overtime) and fuel to try and maintain the water levels  of the  water holes. The one water hole that we are pumping for, is home to about  forty hippos.

The ideal would be to pump both wells every morning and afternoon. However to do that we need an extra water pump.We also need to make an extra well point and for that we need to hire a JCB machine. This well will need a solar pump with solar panels as well as pipes  to pump at least 40000l/day.

There is also a great need for water on the outside of the Park because there are many Elephant and Zebra that were left outside when the new fence was erected in May 2022. Camelthorn has already made one water trough but we need at least another two. For this , cement and 900m of PVC pipe is needed.

The situation in and outside of the Park is critical and needs urgent attention to prevent a disaster with thousands of animals dying of thirst.

Any contribution in the above matter will be much appreciated. Please help us to help the animals!

Thank you.



Fundraising target

R 350 000.00

Donations to date

R 45 698.10

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Keep up the great work!
Thanks for helping the animals who are suffering because of our actions!
Thank you for what you're doing to help those who suffer from our actions
Have been ther 2 Weeks ago. Thanks for your work!!!

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