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The Stroke Survivors Foundation

Charlene Murray and George Scola were in their 30's when they had a stroke. Then they faced the monumental task of adjusting back into society. Fortunately, they both had devoted friends and family and the financial resources to access the professional help they needed to create their new lives. This support was vital to their recovery. Not everyone is so lucky!

Understanding this, they felt compelled to create The Stroke Survivors Foundation in 2010 to offer support to others. It is not what happens to us, but how we deal with it that dictates the quality of our lives. Having survived the stroke is the easy part. Next comes the recovering, adjusting and acknowledging the disabilities for both the survivor and the family. Staying informed, motivated and keeping a positive attitude... this is the difference between conquering and overcoming or taking it lying down.

MISSION: To create a national network that provides post-discharge rehabilitation and support for stroke survivors, their families and caregivers.

GOALS:» To create a Stroke Survivors manual for survivors, caregivers and family;» To support existing and where necessary create stroke survivors centres;» Undertake events that motivate stroke survivors;» To increase stroke awareness and education;» To create a data base of Stroke Survivors;» To assist and be part of stroke studies and research;» To inform and assist Stroke Survivors in employment opportunities or access to grants;» To create diverse fund raising channels;» To become the model in stroke rehabilitation.


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Tim -
Well done Evie, from your long-lost information risk management friend ;-)
Well done!
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I wish I could do it with you, good luck!
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Good luck evie!
Starting off the donations.