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Thomas Social Auxiliary Studies Campaign

Thomas’s aspirations extend beyond his personal growth; he seeks to pursue studies in Social Auxiliary Work. His desire to delve into this field, aimed at supporting and uplifting others in need, reflects his genuine compassion and dedication to serving the community.

However, financial constraints stand as a hurdle in Thomas’s path toward realizing his educational dreams. We believe that investing in his education isn’t merely an investment in an individual's future, but an investment in the betterment of our community at large.  His journey from homelessness to striving for a profession focused on assisting others is a testament to the transformative power of education and resilience.

Our team at Streetscapes urge your consideration and support in providing financial assistance to Thomas for his education in Social Auxiliary Work. Your contribution will not only empower Thomas to achieve his dreams but will also contribute significantly to the social fabric of our community by fostering a more empathetic, supportive, and empowered society.


Fundraising target

R 35 000.00

Donations to date

R 12 267.32

Donor Messages

You’re an inspiration and it made my day finding your story today.
Well done Thomas keep going
Cherie ten Hope
You have have already shown what you are capable of by being sober - & getting off the streets . Well well done . U have everything u need inside u . Keep believing . Push on . God can always dream a bigger dream for your life. Pursue it. 🫶🏻
Sarah Pakendorf
More of you! All the best

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Anonymous donated R 500 via Thomas Social Auxiliary Studies
09 Feb 2024 R 500
Anonymous donated R 100 via Thomas Social Auxiliary Studies
06 Feb 2024 R 100
Anonymous donated US $ 11 via Thomas Social Auxiliary Studies
05 Feb 2024 US $ 11
Anonymous donated R 200 via Thomas Social Auxiliary Studies
01 Feb 2024 R 200
Anonymous donated R 80 via Thomas Social Auxiliary Studies
01 Feb 2024 R 80