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My name is Amiston and I am 13 years old. I stay in Southfield, Cape Town. I am a grade 8 learner at Plumstead High School. I am passionate about soccer and sports in general and dedicate all my spare time practicing to be a good sportsman. My reason for raising funds is that I have been selected to play in an overseas tournament in Sweden, 20th July 2020. The donations will allow me the opportunity to represent South Africa internationally on the club level as well as give me the platform to display my talents and abilities.

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Donor Messages

Good luck
Chapalain Sandrine
All the best to Amiston Lategan !
Clinton Liederman
All the best with the rest of your fundraising campaign and go show them what you got in Sweden. Make us proud boy!! From #Ray7
Hope you get the winning goal!
Good luck!
Jason R
Good luck, Amiston!