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My daughter is 13 years of age. She has been wearing specs 4 a few years until it was discovered that she is partially blind in her right eye. Lotus River, Cape Town.

Her eyes started deteriorating faster than we imagined despite wearing he specs daily from morning till bedtime. She now needs 2 have a cornea transplant which roughly costs up to R100 000. 

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Donor Messages


All the best!

I'm hoping you have a speedy recovery
Best of luck for the operation
Single mom power, all the best Thyneeca
HRHKing Kumkazi

Keep strong my'll all work out

Good luck And be strong Thyneeca. Take strength in knowing that there are people who care and want you to have a bright future.
All the best
sasol maitlad

we hope this top up to get to R100 000-00 sets you up for a bright future


god bless you