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Tiana-Leigh Lung Foundation

The Tiana-Leigh Lung Foundation was first launched in aid of Tiana-Leigh who was born with an extremely rare lung disease ABCA3, given a few weeks to live and in July 2018 turned 12!.

Not only was she born with rare lung disease, but she was also diagnosed with cancer, a Wilms tumor on her kidney, at age 18months – and today is a cancer survivor. At the age of 8 Tiana-Leigh was diagnosed with a heart condition, Pulmonary Hypertension. She remains oxygen-dependent and can only go without oxygen for no longer than 45 seconds.

Today the Tiana-Leigh Lung Foundation proudly supports not only Tiana-Leigh but other children who are in desperate need.

The Foundation is a public, Non-Profit Organization established for the following sole objectives :

  • To raise awareness to the public of children suffering from rare and life-threatening diseases.
  • To raise funds and help with medical expenses, oxygen requirements and medical equipment of such children, as well as to assist the entire family through the process of healing.
  • To encourage companies and private individuals to invest and sponsor the cause.
  • To encourage the children and their families on organized family outings and to make their lives as normal as possible.
  • To deliver emotional support to the children and families and facilitating support groups.

The Management Committee and any other volunteers working for the Foundation shall comply with the following ethical guidelines:

  • All services rendered to children and families shall be done professionally.
  • Services rendered must be sensitive, honest and empathetic.
  • No decisions shall be made for any children’s family.
  • No promises will be made or guarantee given to children’s families.
  • The emotions, fears, and anxieties of children’s families shall be respected.Children’s families shall not be judged.
  • No appointments shall be made on behalf of children’s families with any other professional institutions.

Tiana-Leigh though still on permanent oxygen and nightly lung machines, has grown into an amazingly strong young lady giving so much hope and inspiration to everyone that crosses her path. She has become the voice for the children – the Foundation.

If anyone would like to help out in any way - be it, sponsor, find sponsorships, your time to help with awareness or fundraising please let us know. Your time can make a huge difference.

Thank you

Dare to Thrive - not just Survive


Donor Messages

Best of wishes
Hester Meiring
Good Luck

You deserve this. Regardless of your own battles,you both out there trying to bring sunshine on another child's stormy day.the most amazing duo I've ever had the privilege to meet.Love u both xxx

For a special girl.