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Transformation in Action Skills Centre

We have over 30 years Global People and Business Development exposure, Clinical Psychology, Public Relations, Leadership skills transfer (Legacy Building), Quality Management/ Team profiling, Training and Development, Group Life and Business Coaching and Mentorship Hubs, etc.


Our core vision in a nutshell:  “Teaching/Facilitating the Art of taking “Ownership and Thinking Clearly Value; as well as embracing Simple Abundance” through unbiased Community and Nation-building “specifically honing into the experiences we’ve had in various cases and instances.

We uniquely design repositioning as follows:

  • Poverty alleviation- Understanding people’s circumstances, identifying, planning and implementing solutions with continuous improvement methodologies for the most debilitating challenges currently facing our nation.
  • We specifically tap into seed//adult education, youth development projects, women’s empowerment hubs, the disabled- including, soup kitchens, stationery drives, school libraries, clothing banks, disaster relief, etc.
  • Other priorities are SMME development training / Structured Career guidance paths, e.g. Intrapreneurship vs Entrepreneurship

Connecting South Africa to Global Humanitarian Assistance projects and fund-raising charters.


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