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University Outstanding Fees 61770 Campaign

I am reaching out to you with a humble request for your support in my pursuit of a BSc Honours degree in Energy Studies at University of Johannesburg. As I stand on the brink of completing my education, I am faced with the daunting challenge of outstanding fees that threaten to impede my progress. Your generous contribution can make an incredible difference in my life, allowing me to complete my degree and pursue my passion for renewable energy and sustainable solutions. By supporting my education, you're not just helping me achieve my dreams; you're investing in a brighter, greener future for all. Your kindness and generosity will be immensely appreciated, and I am committed to working diligently to make the most of this opportunity. Thank you for considering supporting my education and making a meaningful impact on my future.


Fundraising target

R 58 000.00

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R 0.00

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