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Tuition for Acturial Student Campaign

I am Kgaphola Tobiso, a 19 year old Acturial Science student at Stellenbosch University set to be in second year in 2024.
Being part of the "missing middle" students has proven to be a disadvantage in the process of securing funding for higher education.  Despite having good matric results and applying for every bursary I could find all through 2022 and 2023, my attempts to secure funding have been unsuccessful. 
It is a requirement of the university to settle all outstanding fees from the previous academic year(2023) in order to be allowed to register for the current academic year(2024). In 2023 the university paid R45 000 towards my tuition in the form of a merit award and that left R93 000 outstanding in my student account. Being able to raise the funds to settle this debt would grant me the opportunity to continue studying towards obtaining an Acturial Science degree and bring me one step closer to achieving my goals. It would prevent me from dropping out of university and ultimately change the course of my life. Obtaining this degree will not only help improve my life, but, it will improve the lives of those around me. 


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R 93 000.00

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