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Tommy Gibson Salt Pan Marathon Cause

My name is Irmela Smit. My running buddy for two years is Tommy Gibson. He is 69 years old, we both live in Benoni, Gauteng.

Tommy wants to enter Salt Pan Ultra in Botswana, 3-day trail running event, 100km over 3 days in October. Tommy is turning 70 years old, and only works as and when he's expertise in the mining industry are required. The income he provides are for the essentials for his family, and a luxury like this trail run will be out of reach. He is a fit, 69year (current age) old and is an adventurous person.

The funds will mean that Tommy will be able to tick Salt Pan Ultra of he's bucket list, he's been following this trail run from October 2019, and he's got a passion for Botswana and the people. He loves trail running, he loves nature and appreciates beauty.

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