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Tonderai Matanda Study Cause

My best comrade and colleague Tonderai Matanda has been accepted at Leiden University in the Netherlands. We started a small business together, Comrades' Kitchen, not only for the love of hummus and marmalade but also to fund this prospective venture of his.I'm starting this crowd funding campaign for the most deserving of souls, to give him the best chance at getting to Leiden.

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All the best!
A small investment into a great future! Ted keep makin' us proud!
Miles Lovell
Teddy! I hope this helps man <3
Megan Napier
Go get 'em, Tondi!
All the best to a hard-working comrade
for kindness
Good luck Teb
Lord Jim
Yay Teddy Cool! Can't wait to see you on your next adventure!

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Candace donated R 206 to Tonderai Matanda Study Cause via #LetsGetTedToLeiden
01 Jun 2019 R 206
Miles Lovell donated USD $ 29 to Tonderai Matanda Study Cause via #LetsGetTedToLeiden
23 May 2019 USD 29
08 May 2019 R 617
Anonymous donated USD $ 12 to Tonderai Matanda Study Cause via #LetsGetTedToLeiden
06 May 2019 USD 12
05 May 2019 USD 7