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The story of (Skollie) Molly

Hi everyone! Thank you for taking the time to read this.

We first met Skollie very soon after moving into The Sandown estate. We would leave the windows open and wake up to the sound of Skollie stealing our cats food (hence how he got his name). 

Obviously this was extremely annoying and he got chased away countless times. We asked around and although everyone knew Skollie, no one knew who he belonged to. After months of no one claiming him we realised that he doesn’t have a home and was probably abandoned here for at least two years before we moved into The Sandown. 

If you’ve been following the story of Skollie you’ll know that we gained his trust and caught him to check for a chip and had him neutered to prevent him spraying and getting into fights. Unfortunately there were no rescue organizations that would take him as they were swamped, so the options were to either euthanise him or set him free again. We decided to set him free back here at the Sandown. 

We then started feeding him regularly so that he wouldn't have to steal food and so that he would start getting used to eating in one place with the goal of someday finding him a permanent home. Soon he started responding to his name Skollie, and would come running for cuddles (head bumps are his favourite). 

Then one day Skollie came for dinner, moved in and never left. 

We absolutely adore Skollie but unfortunately our cats were not getting along with him. 

We tried finding Skollie another home and eventually thought we’d found the perfect home, however, he escaped after one day and was missing for almost 3 weeks (in Brackenfell). Luckily he was found and we thought it best to bring him back home to The Sandown. 

We’ve now come to the realization that he is now The Sandown’s cat. He is the most loving and friendly cat. We are trying to change his name to Molly since his nickname is Skollie Molly and he responds to that, so it’s now Molly Molly, let’s hope it sticks as well as Skollie did. 

If you would like to contribute to helping out with Skollie (Molly), we would really appreciate it. He eats what our cats eat and with him around it goes twice as fast. We deflea and deworm him monthly as with our own cats and we'd love to get him vaccinated too. If anyone would like to get involved in Molly's care, please get on touch to find out how you can help.

Thank you in advance for your help. Xx


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