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Tuition Fees 60876 Campaign

Greetings everyone, My name is Tony Chimbazaza . I am a passionate and driven first-year student pursuing a BSC in Mathematics and Statistics with a Financial Orientation at the University of Johannesburg. However, my dream is to transition to Actuarial Science next year to further my educational journey.

In 2019, I achieved good marks, earning a Bachelor pass with five distinctions in my Matric exams. Yet, due to the financial challenges that plague many international students, I was unable to immediately embark on my university studies. My pursuit of bursaries online proved fruitless as opportunities for international students are scarce. Faced with adversity, I turned to my strengths in mathematics and began tutoring and offering private lessons to supplement my family's income. Although I was not earning much, I could contribute to my family's expenses, and I managed to secure a passport to continue my education.

Life during those gap years was challenging, but with unwavering determination and through the support from my parents I was able to secure a place at the University of Johannesburg in 2023 as an Orange Carpet student. This achievement filled me with joy and renewed my determination to make a difference. My experiences during those challenging years have made me realize the struggles that many students face when pursuing higher education, particularly in underserved communities. This realization fueled my decision to study BSC in Mathematics with Statistics, as I aspire to address the pressing issues faced by individuals and communities, especially in the field of education.

My father, the sole breadwinner in our family, works tirelessly to provide for us. His dedication to our well-being serves as my greatest inspiration. Despite his best efforts, the burden of university fees remains a significant challenge for us. He covers my rent and daily expenses while ensuring our family's basic needs are met. I am immensely proud of my father, but I am also aware of the financial strain my education places on him. The cost of university tuition is a formidable obstacle for me, and without financial assistance, I face the risk of discontinuing my education next year. I am committed to improving my academic performance, and I am determined to succeed. I understand that hard work and perseverance are the keys to achieving my dreams.

What pains me most is the thought that if I am unable to continue my education, my family will lose the hope I represent. We come from humble beginnings, growing up in a shack, and my ultimate dream is to provide my parents with a stable home. I believe that by graduating, I can break the cycle of poverty that has persisted in my family for generations. I am immensely proud of the progress I have made; despite the challenges I have faced. My dream is to become the first member of my family to attend university and to inspire not only my siblings but also countless other students who are facing problems beyond their control. I humbly request your assistance in securing funding for my education. Your support, no matter how small, would-be lifechanging and enable me to continue my studies. It is my sincere hope that you will consider my plea and help me realize my dream of graduating and making a positive impact on my community.

Your help will mean a lot to me and it will help me stay at school. You can also contact me on 0673628952.

You can also deposit the money into the UJ Banking account

Name of Bank: First National Bank (FNB).

Account name. University of Johannesburg UJ Tuition Account.

Account number. 62615873199.

Reference number: 223228293

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