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Tosunga Baninga

Tosunga Baninga is a South African grassroots Non Profit Organisation that deals with genderbased violence, rape and femicide. Tosunga Baninga is based in Evaton, which is a townshipnorth of Sebokeng in the Emfuleni region of Gauteng, South Africa.

Norma Mbele, Itumeleng Maloka and Samantha Bunga are the co-founders of TosungaBaninga.

The name, Tosunga Baninga means helping to help others. This is in Lingala, the languagespoken in Democratic Republic of Congo. As founders, we chose the name to show solidaritywith women from other countries and to fight discrimination against migrant women.

We do court support in a unique way. We create mock crime scenes in every court case weattend to create awareness and share with people around that court. We make up our faces inbruises to show solidarity.

We also tell our journey through craft, using art as a form of activism.

Tosunga Baninga has an overnight shelter that is inclusive of lesbian and bisexual women.

We do skills training for victims so that they are able to sustain themselves economically.

In order to build our community and support survivors to find their voices, we hold dialogues,screen documentaries and share educational material. We walk around the community ingroups of at least four in order to overcome the feeling of fear and danger associated withwalking alone.

We have a reading programme with child survivors. Through the reading programme, weimprove literacy levels and continue to support child survivors to grow in confidence.


Donations to date

R 265.64

Fundraising target

R 20 000.00

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