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Help our sweet Dumi Campaign

Meet Dumi, he is a sweet 2-year-old little boy living with Cerebral Palsy in rural Midlands KwaZulu-Natal.

He sadly lost his Mother during childbirth and under the love and care of his Granny Joyce and Granny's employer Caroline, they love and look after him as best they can.  

Unfortunately, his diagnosis has left him with a severe disability, and he is unable to move independently. He requires the 24-hour assistance of his Granny to help him with all activities of daily living and then some. Dumi requires regular re-positioning and stretches. In most cases, Dumi is tied to his Granny's back during the day as he is unable to sit independently and does not have a wheelchair or any other form of therapeutic device.

I am his treating physiotherapist and I see to Dumi once a week. It’s of my recommendation that Dumi be provided with a supportive wheelchair, standing frame, and side positioner to ensure he is placed in the most appropriate positions throughout the day/night.  Sadly, these items are exceptionally expensive and something that Joyce is unable to afford. If Dumi is not seated or placed into appropriate positions, he is at risk of forming joint contractures, scoliosis and, worst of all, hip dysplasia, resulting in unbearable pain and corrective surgeries. 

We are requesting the funds to purchase a Jack stander, a medium Buggy wheelchair, a side positioner, and hand and foot splints. These are all therapeutic devices to ensure his physical state is maintained as best as possible. I have summarised below each item and the basic necessity for each. A Jack stander is a standing frame that would allow Dumi to be placed into a full standing position, allowing him the opportunity to do what every other typical 2-year-old can do, stand! Standing is important to allow for weight bearing through the legs and ensure that the head of femur (the long leg bone) fits into the pelvis. 

A buggy is a supportive wheelchair that would not only allow Dumi the opportunity to be transported around but also the ability to be seated in a supported position. 

The Side positioner is a foam device that would encourage the correct alignment of Dumi while in a side-lying, sleeping position. These positions ensure he would be best supported and his joints in the best alignment possible. 

Hand and foot splints are devices made to fit by an occupational therapist and orthopedist. They ensure that the joints of the hand and feet are maintained in the correct positions so to avoid further regression of the joints, leading to contractures and the inability to move. 

By raising the funds, we will be able to purchase these mentioned items and, in so make sure that Dumi's physical being is maintained as best as possible from as early as possible. Dumi is so deserving of this, he has endured the unthinkable and has a long journey ahead of him. By obtaining these devices it would make a great impact in his life and his Granny’s.

Please consider donating to this beautiful little boy and sharing this fundraiser with your friends, family, and social networks. I feel so strongly that every little bit will count and together we can help Dumi.

Thank you for your kindness, empathy and support.


Tracey-Lee Duplessis

CW Physios Inc


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Sending hugs🤗
Behind you all the way Sweet Dumi ❤️
Wishing you all the best 🙏
Hope he receives all the help he needs

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