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Hi everyone,

We are reaching out for support to help cover the medical expenses incurred by our beloved Mrs. Tresa Hanekom.

Every contribution, regardless of the amount, holds significant value to us. Your generosity can play a pivotal role in saving her life as she urgently requires a Coronary Angiogram along with two stents.

Unfortunately, Mrs. Hanekom does not have medical aid, and as a result, we are required to pay the medical bills upfront based on the estimation quotations we have received from the healthcare providers. The urgency of her situation has led to her being placed on temporary medication until we can settle the full amount owed to the doctors and the hospital.

Your donation will not only provide crucial financial support but will also bring hope and relief to Mrs. Hanekom and her family during this challenging time.

We understand that not everyone may be in a position to contribute financially, and that's completely okay. If you are unable to contribute, we kindly ask you to consider sharing Mrs. Hanekom's story within your network.

Spreading awareness is another impactful way to make a difference, and your efforts in sharing her journey are immensely appreciated. Thank you for considering our plea, and for any form of assistance you can provide. Together, we can make a meaningful impact on Mrs. Hanekom's journey toward recovery.

If you are unable to contribute, please share her story.  We would really appreciate that!

Please consider contributing to this cause by clicking on the link below.

We welcome and appreciate all donors who are covering the platform fee, because more of your donations will go to this campaign. Thank you.


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Theresa van Dyk
Word gou gesond skoonsus!! Ons bid vir julle almal.
Teresa Myrick
Hope this help!

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17 Nov 2023 US $ 324
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