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Hi my name is Tristan Steyn and I am 26 years old. Last year I worked in USA on a H2A visa as most of you know on the farms. My first week in I got bit by a tick and later led to getting Rocky Mountain Spotted fever wich if untreated can lead to death. For weeks went in and out of hospitals and got wrongly diagnosed 3 times and got put on 3 different medicine trials before they found the virus in my blood. I got laid of and sent home to south africa because my boss did not want me to die there on my own. When I got back I was on a lot of medicine and one night felt a weird feeling on my chest, my wife took me to the ER and they found fluid around my heart and that is known as Pericarditis. I was in Hospital for almost a week before they released me and did more test where they also found I got lung damage. Few months went by with a lot of bed rest and medications I got back up on my feet and felt like I am able to do something again. I took the bull by the horns and went back to the farm now in 2023 and all went well until end of june where my chest pains came back and went to doctors again where they did some ECO'S and found that I have 3 heart valves leaking. 1 major and 2 minor amd with that I am laid of again because I am a high risk. I lost my Job twice in 2 years but finally know what is wrong and where to start. The only problem I have is fund and hope there is some good hearted people out there willing to help me cover hospital expenses and some debts that came up while laid of work. It takes a lot out of me to do this post but I dont know what else to do and it feels its just getting worse by the weeks. I have a wife and two girls to support and eeger to work, only thimg holding me back is my heart.

May God bless you all.

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