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Township Robotic n Codes Campaign

Hello! My name is Tshwarelo Mkhabela, and I am a foundation phase teacher at Laerskool Akasia. Born and raised in Winterveld; underprivileged  community.I am reaching out to share a cause that is deeply important to me and has the potential to make a transformative impact on the children in our community. As you consider supporting our mission, I want to provide you with insights into my background and the significance of this initiative."

1) What relationship do you have with the beneficiary?

As a foundation phase teacher at Laerskool Akasia, I have a direct and daily connection with the children in my community and I am the founder of Educationaltrips and tours. I am passionate about their education and well-being, and I am intimately aware of the challenges they face in accessing opportunities for holistic development.

2) Why is it important to you that the funds are raised?

It is crucial that the funds are raised because I have seen firsthand the transformative power of education and opportunity. Growing up in a disadvantaged community myself, I understand the impact that access to resources and mentorship can have on a child's future. By raising these funds, we can provide the children in our community with the tools and guidance they need to thrive.

3) What will the impact be if you are able to raise the funds needed?

If we are able to raise the necessary funds, the impact will be significant. We will be able to introduce coding and robotics to children who might not have had such an opportunity otherwise. This will not only broaden their educational horizons but also empower them to pursue careers in technology and innovation, ultimately breaking the cycle of poverty in our community.

4) How will funds raised be used?

The funds raised will be used to purchase a First League Lego Education set and establish a coding team in our township. These resources will allow our children to compete with other robotics teams in South Africa and gain valuable skills in coding and technology. Additionally, the funds will support our ongoing community initiatives, such as promoting literacy and organizing sanitary towel drives for women and young girls.


Fundraising target

R 33 000.00

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