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TSIBA is a unique social enterprise collective that has invested successfully in ambitious humans since 2004. The TSIBA collective includes a Business School, Ignition Academy and Education Trust working together to return highly sought after people and successful small business enterprises. We are passionate about the transformative impact of education as a catalyst to unlock the best of what humans can be. 

We enable ambitious, purpose driven people and emerging businesses who want to take South Africa forward.

Donor Messages

Pippa White
This is a great cause! Hope this helps (:
Kayla Mackay
Another fundraiser donation!
Kayla Mackay
Donations through fundraiser I? put on instagram!
Kayla Mackay
Miss the TSiBA fam and wish you guys the best in the race!
Keep pedaling to change the world <3
Thecla Goossens
Wishing you an amazing tour. Keep up the good works!
A supporter that's looking over you
Continue with the awesome work and let's get more people on bikes. Stay true to who you're forever! I'm looking over you.

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