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Tebogo Ya Mpho (TYM) Foundation


TEBOGO YA MPHO simply means: “Gratitude for the Gift”  The concept is derived from the notion that “we are blessed to be a blessing unto others”.  TEBOGO YA MPHO (TYM) FOUNDATION, also referred to as TYM FOUNDATION, is a non-profit organisation founded and registered in March 2017.

Our primary objective is to SUPPORT and UPLIFT members of previously disadvantaged Communities, especially the Youth and Children in order to improve their livelihood.  The secondary objective of TYM FOUNDATION is to reduce poverty by developing sustainable initiatives that will benefit members of communities in general.  Our endeavour is to facilitating programs that aim to break the cycle of poverty.

TYM FOUNDATION was created and developed with the basic understanding that every member of society deserves to live a decent and dignified life - and with some constructive interventions we can all gradually progress towards living as such.  TYM FOUDNATION provides a platform for enabling support and empowerment of individuals through the following focus areas:

  • Education and Welfare Support for Children
  • Community Upliftment
  • Youth Development
  • Cost Effective Procurement and Supply of Goods (foodstuff and toiletries)

The mandate of TYM FOUNDATION is to basically meet the basic NEEDs of those in NEED.  This we will achieve by constantly striving to:

Nurture our youth Ease the burden of unemployment Empower the community in general Defend the dignity of the underprivileged

All aspects of our organisation are focused on social development.  Individuals requiring support and assistance will benefit from what the organisation has to offer.  Outreach activities will be implemented, benefiting needy people identified by the organisation and community members.


Vision: To eradicate poverty by creating sustainable programs and initiatives that will benefit and empower individuals in previously disadvantaged communities.

Mission: To be a beacon of light to those in need by supporting, empowering and uplifting them to enable them to live decent and dignified lives.


  • To HELP and SUPPORT underprivileged children in Education and Welfare.
  • To EMPOWER and UPLIFT individuals in Previously Disadvantaged Communities through relevant Initiatives and Programs.


“Ke Motho Ka Motho” is a phrase adopted by TYM FOUNDATION to use as a slogan.  It simply means “I am who I am because of Someone else”.  As the English saying goes: “No man is an island”, we often find ourselves needing the help and support of others.  It is the same with our underprivileged communities.  Everyone needs a helping hand every now and then.  TEBOGO YA MPHO (TYM) FOUNDATION is very privileged to be in a position of making that effort of landing a helping hand.

Our approach is to make the world a better place by changing a life at a time; restoring hope and dignity of destitute members of our communities, a life at a time!

TYM FOUNDATION would like to thank you in advance for supporting our causes in landing a helping hand to those in need.

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