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Hi I'm Tyrique. I'm 21 years old. Three years ago I lost my hearing in my left ear very suddenly. 

It was very hard to deal with, as hearing is a very big part of my life as I love music and I love making music. Due to the hearing loss, I haven't been able to enjoy these things as much as I used to. After losing my hearing, I've become very withdrawn from my friends because it's hard to listen to conversations in big groups and loud settings. At first, I fell into a depression, not knowing how to overcome this obstacle in my life. 

Working with my audiologist and ENT surgeon, we went through many tests and we came to the conclusion that a cochlear implant is the best way for me to be able to hear again. I've had the initial surgery and I have the internal implant. 

However, due to the limits of my medical aid, I still have to pay in R21,000 so I can get the external speech processor so I can actually hear. 

Any donation will be helpful to reach my goal. Once I reach my goal, I will be able to activate the external speech processor and start my journey of speech therapy. 

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Fundraising target

R 21 000.00

Donations to date

R 21 131.95

Donor Messages

Happy to help reach your goal :) Good luck Tyrique i’m really rooting for you and I have a strong feeling it’s going to work out for you…Please know you are loved and you have people rooting for you☺️💞
Best wishes to Tyrique. I pray the target will be met & that he is able to hear again soon.
Nnamdi Isiekwena
Good luck :)
I hope this helps. I’m really rooting for you…you’re in my prayers and I know in my heart you’ll get the surgery and it’ll be a success🤍
All the best :)
As a hamster, I know the importance of being able to hear for scary noises, for example, large hands grabbing you out of your home, and hope you can hear soon. 🐹
Go make music! We love you!

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