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Change the narative Campaign

Hi my name is KI. This is where the support group goes "hi ki...". And with the way life is going this could be the sad reality. Have you ever left like luck is chasing you but you are faster? Thats's us. My girlfriend and I are a queer couple who have been through our fair share of badluck; being robbed at gunpoint in a bolt, being assaulted because of our represntation and being kicked out by our families. through all this we held onto each other and recently started a tattoo business while working for a man who was more interested in our presence than our art. We are hoping to raise funds to move to CapeTown and open our own tattoo shop that prides itself in giving service to women. Yes we have confided in family and friends with no luck; they do not approve of our relationship nor the business and do not understand why. so... why? because we need to raise more funds to get my girlfriend through Honors and Masters in neuroscience at UCT. And so i ask you today 'have you ever felt like the odds were naturally against you? A queer black woman in africa... we have double the odds and they are both against us. So please help change the narratives in our lives for the better... the funds will go to a deposit on the shop space and for registrations fees. If you feel you truly resonate with us please join us on our journey. We need all the support we can get!


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R 30 000.00

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