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Upper Highway Air NPC

With the all the valid complaints and concerns regarding the widespread air pollution in the Upper Highway area, and the associated health impacts, our mission is to have a community that is unified in eliminating the current crisis of severe air pollution that has been affecting so many residents of our area.

We wish to educate, involve and include all those affected by the odour, and rely on each person to log their concerns and complaints with us, which are then directed to the relevant authorities.

UHA's objectives are to provide support and community assistance with matters relating to the current environmental pollution in our community. Our main objects are as follows:

  • To raise awareness on the severe air pollution as well as preventing further degradation to our environment.
  • To not only represent our community in all actionable functions, but to also to expose, investigate and combat environmental degradation and associated human rights abuses.
  • To work in collaboration with other organisations who mainly deal with environmental matters and human rights offences.

We are dedicated to restoring the fresh air once enjoyed by residents of the Upper Highway region of Durban.


Donations to date

R 75 016.03

Fundraising target

R 75 000.00

Donor Messages

New Heights 510 cc
Stop Shongweni landfill site
Elaine Kool
Thank you for all your efforts..
Hoopers Volkswagen
Thanks for all the efforts so far!
Hoopers Volkswagen
Thanks for all the efforts so far!
Thanks for great effort
Thank you
Thank you for all your hard work in fighting this mammoth battle
Hoopers Volkswagen
Thanks for all the efforts so far!
Glen Packer
Glen and Sharon Packer Assagay