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UyaZukiswa Foundation

The Uyazukiswa Foundation is a non-profit organization (NPO) managed by three passionate individuals united in assisting the youth from townships and rural disadvantaged communities to get access to excellent quality education and social care. 

We aim to achieve this by setting up counseling containers and rehabilitation facilities to aid the drug-addicted youth in reintegrating and reconnecting with society. Combating addiction is a community effort. 

The well-being of adolescents is integrally linked to socio-economic development in Low- and middle-income countries, and early intervention is thus imperative. Almost half of the proportion of the South African population is under the age of 25. Adolescents must have access to mental health support because the peak age of onset for most mental health problems and substance disorders is adolescence. 

When it comes to suicide, South African teens are the most at-risk group, according to the South African Depression and Anxiety Group. In South Africa, 9% of all teen deaths are caused by suicide. This is preventable. 

Your donations help ensure that no student is deprived of an excellent, values-driven education, that their mental health is supported, and that they are awarded the opportunity of a bright future.


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R 70 000.00

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