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Hi everyone, 

If you don't know me my name is Victoria. I am a third year NSFAS student heading to complete my final year of my bachelors at UCT- majoring in anthropology and gender studies. If you do know me, you know that this is my dream and my passion but it has not been an easy ride, battling with funding shortfalls from NSFAS as well as mental health. Yet, I have never let this stop me. From failing first year due to mental health, to achieving a 73% aggregate and 3 distinctions in 2023 while working two jobs on the side; I work harder and harder each year not letting anything stop me from achieving my goal to finish my degree and to one day be a medical anthropologist.

Unfortunately NSFAS has given caps on amounts it will give to students in accommodation (whether capping the res amount, or private accommodation rent), and the university cannot cover our shortfalls due to lack of financial aid funding. As an independent person, NSFAS is my primary source of funding and income with my two jobs as extra support- and looking for a third. Unfortunately due to the seasonality of my jobs, I cannot cover the shortfalls on my own nor can I receive another bursary as a NSFAS beneficiary. 

Working out the costs, the funds raised will help cover funding shortfalls for my accommodation and living expenses where my jobs and NSFAS funding cannot, as well as help me complete my degree.

This is not in my nature to ask for help like this especially in trying to be as independent as I can- but in times of desperation one needs to reach out to their community for help. I ask you to contribute whatever you can to help bring me closer to my goal of finishing this degree strong! No donation is too small, as every gesture made is a monumental impact on my education journey. 
I thank you for your helping hand and opening your hearts to my story in this last difficult stretch.


Fundraising target

R 34 000.00

Donations to date

R 33 999.68

Donor Messages

Bless you!!
What a delightful friend and colleague your Mum was. Such fond memories of her beautiful nature and sense if humor. I know she was incredibly proud of you and your sister and of course you will complete your studies🍀🍀🎓🙂
I was also at school with your mom and have many wonderful memories. All the best for your future studies. xxx
I too was at school with your mum. I remember her as a kind, warm hearted person with the most infectious laugh. Congrats on what you have achieved and best wishes for all that’s ahead of you. X
Well done for your perseverance and resilience Look forward to seeing you qualified. I was very fond of your Mum a very special lady ❤️
Wishing you much success this year Victoria. Your mom would be so proud of you. From Allison.
We had many laughs with MUM at school All the best x
I was at school with your mum . She would be so proud of what you are doing . Good luck with the studies and sending love ❤️
Sending lots of of love to you and well done for all your achievements so far. I was also at school together with your mum and she’s was a very special lady. Stay strong and good luck

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