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My name is Vincenticia May, I am 30 years of age. I am a mother of 6 children- 5 beautiful boys and 1 gorgeous girl. I live with their father Earl Saal who is stated as my beneficiary. Earl is currently unemployed but searching for work and I am a student but at home also currently while college is still closed. We are living on SASSA that we get for our children in the meantime.  God is good for us, we have our parents that also help here and there with necessities. I have worked for 12 years in retail after I matriculated. I started at Pnp clothing 2012 and then went over to Pep stores clothing in 2020. I enjoyed working in retail, meeting new people everyday, helping people get what they want and need and just making people happy. I worked hard and got promoted to management and I started training new staff, empowering and motivating youngsters in the company to achieve more. I really had a passion and love for my work. One day one of the young staff whom I was encouraging to go study further and make something of her future asked me " why haven't you go study further or was this your dream?" That moved me but not as much as when my 5year old son said on stage at his graduation that year when they asked him what he wanted to be when he grows older his answer was ' I want to work at Pep like my mom'. I realised then and there how will I be able to encourage my children to go study further and pursue their dreams if I myself didn't do that for myself. I don't feel like an example for my children.  I always wanted to be a teacher, not just a plain and simple teacher but someone who changes young ones mindsets positively and influence their thinking in a positive manner. I want to empower our youngsters, motivate them, encourage them, help them to become what they want to and what their environment sometimes deny them. Our youngsters is our gold, they are the future of tomorrow. I want to be the difference in their lives so that I can make a difference.  It all starts with yourself. I love children and it makes my heart happy when they succeed in life through their difficulties or circumstances. So last year the beginning of 2023 I think in March I applied online for teaching colleges and I prayed to God for a sign. Just an hour or so later I got two phone calls for interviews at two different colleges. I went to CCE- Centre for Creative Education it's in Plumstead so 15minutes away from my house that's why I chose to go there so that I am also close by for any emergencies for my children. I got a 50% bursary and I was accepted at CCE and I started my studies. It was amazing, a huge adjustment for me but all worth it. I have learned so much and the lectures are amazing.  Between house duties, 6 children and assignment due dates things started getting hectic but I pushed through because I'm doing it for us, to give my children a better life and to make them proud. I have fallen behind with fees I did not really got to terms with how expensive colleges actually are because I was so driven to do this. I couldn't get my results for my first year due to fees in arrears but I know I passed. I did put in my everything and my lectures told me I have nothing to worried about. Now I really want to go back the 5th of February to do my second year but I have a total of R36 935,50 in arrears for fees for last year and then I need to pay fees for the new year as well. The college are not going to allow me back in class in I don't pay my arrears and fees. I need help please to pursue my dream.

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