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Vuka Skhokho: The Jermaine Lungile Schmidt Foundation Logo

Vuka Skhokho: The Jermaine Lungile Schmidt Foundation

We are an organisation that is comprised almost entirely of former drug and substance abusers who through our faith and sheer perservance managed to not only turn our lives around but are now committed to making sure those coming up behind do not make the same mistakes we did and end up going down the paths we did, nearly completely destroying our young lives.

We began working in Alexandra township in 2016 working alongside City of Johannesburgs health promotors and also doing programs with the City`s department of Social Services. After nearly three years of ground work we feel we are now ready to launch our programs having discerned where our counterparts are not meeting the needs of the young and vulnerable in our communities. It is not good enough to tell youngsters to stop taking drugs if you do not provide doable, constructive and fun alternatives. Going to a school or clinic and doing a once off talk simply will not suffice.

Our team is made up of talented artists, graffiti,fine art, musicians, pottery makers, performers and writers. Our programs are holistic, all encompassing and address the drug epidemic at its root causes. We are not trying to put a plaster on a festering wound. Nor are we trying to find a cure, we are all about prevention and our ultimate goal is to diminish drug demand amongst the youth.


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