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Tuition fees 67850 Campaign

I am an Intern Psychologist, I am doing masters 2 in Educational Psychology at the University of Zulu land. My goal is to become an Educational Psychologist and work in previously disadvantaged areas because I believe that those areas do not receive the psychological services that they deserve. Most people like working in urban areas, but, I, on the contrary, would like to serve most people from rural areas because that is where I grew up and I saw the gap in the provision of psychological services. 

I would like to become an Educational Psychologist because I am passionate about education and supporting the academic achievement of others. I enjoy studying the social, emotional and cognitive processes involved in learning and applying my finding to improve the learning process of children. I find joy in working with children and helping them expand their minds in order to grow into their full potential. Studying this qualification requires that I pay tuition fees for this year, pay for accommodation, meals, travel, buy stationery and have money to travel to collect data for my research then lastly bind my dissertation. Having my mother as the sole source of income is a huge challenge for me as she only gets a disability grant from the government (SASSA). 

My father is deceased, he was the one who used to be the second source of income. I would really appreciate it if I were to get a sponsor to fund my studies so that my dreams would come true, in turn, I would also fund other passionate young adults who are less privileged like myself

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