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My Daughter medical condition Campaign

So my daughter had been exeptionally difficult to potty train almost 6 years ago and to this day she still does not know when to go to the bathroom, still wets her self on a daily basis. Also there hardly goes a night that she does not wet the bed, sometimes even really accessivley. At george hospital we have been told that it is still normal for a child that is already 7 years old to still do this. But since we have found out via an MRI scan and Red-cross in cape town that she has a medical condition that George hospital could not Identify. She has moistiure in her spine and fat(that is abnormal)surounding her lower spine. Another MRI has to be done to find where the moisture is comming from, it might be comming from the brain wich could be an even bigger problem. Because all this is happening the is verry verry lucky to even be able to walk, but has no feeling in her waist and also her bladder and surrounding eria. I have no Idea what the MRIs and surgury will cost us and that is why I came to a fund raiser page.


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