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Walk For Rhino’s is a nonprofit organization with registration nr 197-024. We are currently looking for Donations/ Sponsorship or a contribution to our cause.


Our aim is to purchase Rhino Annie & Zac from Zimbabwe, and bring them into South Africa where we will start our project to increase the rhino population. The location where these rhinos will reside are a secure private game farm. Due to the rhino crisis we signed a confidential agreement not to mention the location of the farm for the safety of these rhinos, the farm and the owner.


Our mission is to increase the rhino population and to keep them save from poachers and Trophy hunters. We hope to reach by 2030 a total increase and purchase of 100 Rhinos on the farm. This project will also create job opportunities to the maximum of 150 employees plus by 2030.


Walk For Rhino’s main concern is to save the rhino from being extinct and that they can live for thousands of years more. All the rhinos which are in the care or purchased by Walk For Rhino’s does not belong to Walk For Rhino’s. These rhinos belongs to you the public which we as a nonprofit organization will take care on behalf of the public’s investment they made in to Walk For Rhino’s and believing in us to make a difference in the nature of our rhinos.


Walk For Rhino’s will also be assisting Rhino Connect & Limpopo Rhino Security Group NPO where we can. As we know a rhino charity organization (NPO) is one of the most difficult organization’s to manage and maintain. Due to lack of funds and not getting any support from the government or from our communities. This makes it a very difficult task for us to keep our heads above water. With the support from our communities we can make all possible for the future of our rhinos.


Francois Myburgh Founder of Walk For Rhino’s will be doing his 5th Rhino Walk between 1 June 2019 till 31 August 2019, to raise funds and awareness against rhino poaching. His Journey will start at the V & A Waterfront Cape Town via Waremwaterberg Spa, via Cradock, via Bethlehem, via Nelspruit and finishes his journey at Alldays in Limpopo.  Full Duration of route will be available on our Facebook page from 15 May 2019.


We urge the public, businesses or companies to please make a small donation to our project. By sponsoring us with our monitory 3,000 kilometer donation.


Monitory 3,000 Kilometer Donation of R 360-00


  • This is equal to 0.12 cent per kilometer donation.
  • Your Donation will cover for the purchase of rhino Annie & Zac, their transport from Zimbabwe to South Africa, Permits for their transport, Food and other essentials required for Annie & Zac.
  • 10 job openings for unemployment job seekers & their training in the field.


Kind Regards,


FJ Myburgh

Walk For Rhino's 197-024 NPOOffice: +27 11 762 9090Phone: +27 76 827 2115whatsapp: +27 65 839 [email protected]


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