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1)This Project is one written after filming my first my first gangster screenplay. The experience gained and current living conditions has given me the experience in creating a piece of work which touches on realities of life embedded into an action drama screenplay. Log Line - "In an attempt to avenge the death of his wife, protect his daughter and rid the town from a gangster’s violence, Hugo must infiltrate and eliminate the threat. However, a past acquaintance and notorious thug emerges on the scene and blows Hugo’s cover and thus the race is on to finish the job." 

2) Filming this project will create a life long dream come true as writer and actor and create a an acting CV to other actors seeking a breakthrough as well but most importantly is the message to family values, no to bullying and especially bring awareness to narcissist abuse which many find themselves in.

The impact on filming this project will result in current and future doors opening to myself and those on board and employment where needed. To me personally, it's everything, replacing the void within, yes, i've made huge sacrifices in trying to live this dream and almost lost everything. I'd like one more chance.

The budget I'm striving for is 5 mil at least.    


Fundraising target

R 5 000 000.00

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