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It’s winter time in SA, we have all felt the temperature drop and felt the icy chill in the air.   We know we cannot change the weather, but we can try warm up those who are most vulnerable to the cold, the people of the street. We want to do something, but we need your help.   We will be collecting funds that are going to help warm up “people of the street.”

To contribute, please select the project below and then the donate button next to the barometer...

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Donor Messages

Amazing cause!!!!!
Joshua Clacher
Well done guys! They all sound like amazing charities!
Grade 6 TA
Thank you!
For a refuah for Liora Michal bas Dina Rochel
Daniel Navarro
#WarmSA - Great initiative!
Such a dope iniative and so happy to help.
Amazing cause!
Amazing initiative!
Well done guys!