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The Modimolle-Mookghopong Municipality has received a notice of interruption of electricity supply. As per the link below

Following this notice the Waterberg Chamber of Commerce has decided on the following course of action.

1. The community needs to give feedback individually to Eskom as to why the electricity supply must not be interrupted. Letters are being circulated to encourage the community to respond to Eskom.

( Even if Eskom decides not to interrupt supply, the debt will not simply evaporate into thin air. And a long term solution is required.)  This has led to the following.

2. Legal action will be taken to force Provincial & National Treasury to effectively place the Municipality under administration. Then an effective rescue plan can be implemented so that the Municipal debt can be managed and settled over time.

3. Eskom will be included as Respondent in the above action as there is a reasonable possibility that they neglected their statutory obligation to report the debt, which added to the problem.

4. The Waterberg Chamber of Commerce will also submit a substantial report to Eskom with the help of a professional financial analyst in the form of an economical impact study, this study will also form part of the legal documents submitted in the above proceedings.

Naturally, any legal proceeding requires funding. The estimated cost will be approximately R 500 000.00

The Business community cannot bear these costs alone as they have previously donated money towards legal action to prevent electricity interruption in the interim. 

We therefore humbly ask the public to donate anything they can spare towards our cause.

Yours truly

The Waterberg Chamber of Commerce


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