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Wave Crush Surfing Academy

Wave Crush Surfing Academy was Established in 2010 To provide an alternatvie for youth emanting from the previously disaavantage communites.

Communties targets were areas where drugs abuse, delinquency. crime and gansterism was more of a way of life. By introducing surfing as an alternative Wave Crush has been able to successfully change the lives of at least  80 Kids across the Cape Flats.

Surfing promotes a healthy lifestyle, focussing on fitness, clean- living,true Competitive and performance driven spirit.

Membership within Wave Crush Surfing Academy has grown from 45 Kids to 80 kids. Over the Month of operation we have been able to host limmited amount of proggrames due to lack of funding.

Joining the academy comes without cost. Our highly competent coaches and administration give of there own free time to ensure that the development programes sustain its self.

Resouurces are extremely difficult to come by with the following being the top of our list:

  • Transport
  • Surfboards, Wetsuits, Leashers
  • Home Base( shelter, storage space for equipment etc.


  • To Beacome the surfing development structure that caters for the underprivileged communities.


  • To develop and empoer
  • To work with the youth that is in conflict with the law and has social challenges.
  • Collecting the youth from the street and educate them about thye life changing opportunites that exist within surfing as a sport.

Aims and Objectives

  • To promte surfing in disadvantage communities.
  • To get the surfers able to progress from beginner wave ridding to open face riding waves.
  • To compete in diffrent provices and to attain South African colours.
  • To surf as often as possiable, to surf all over the country and to compete Internationally.
  • To be a major role player in the surfing fraternity.
  • To combat crime through surfing as a sport.
  • To assist in poverty alleviation through surfing as sport.
  • To empower underprivileged communities through sports particularly surfing.
  • To encourage the youth to participate in exstreme sport that are not well represented in underprivileged communities.

Core Values of the Academy

  • Honesty
  • Loyalty
  • Accountability
  • Respect
  • Discipline 





Donations to date

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Fundraising target

R 90 000.00

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