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Help me WIN World Championships Campaign

Join me on an extraordinary journey from adversity to triumph!


I'm reaching out to share a story that's more than just about powerlifting—it's about resilience, determination, and the incredible power of community. Five years ago, I was an average husband and father, striving to be a better-than-average powerlifter. Little did I know that life had a different plan for me.


In October 2019, I fell seriously ill, facing not one but two autoimmune diseases—Graves Disease and Thyroid Eye Disease. The journey from that point to June 2021 was filled with challenges that tested my strength, both physically and mentally. From nearly losing my eyesight to enduring surgeries and almost crossing the rainbow bridge twice, the path was arduous. Yet, throughout this turbulent period, one thing kept me going—the relentless focus to step onto the powerlifting platform once again.


Powerlifting became my anchor, my source of optimism through ups and downs. Along the way, I found incredible allies who believed in me as much as I believed in myself. In 2023, against all odds, I made a triumphant return to competition.


At the Arnold Classic Africa, part of the AWPC national championships, I not only competed but emerged victorious. I clinched the Master 1 U75kg category, setting world records in squat, deadlift, and total. Who could have predicted that overcoming such a serious illness would propel me from being an average lifter to pretty darn good?


Now, I have an opportunity to take this journey further by representing our community at the AWPC World Championships in Ireland. I aim to bring home a world championship medal and continue inspiring others facing challenges.


Here's where you come in. Unfortunately, the South African Rand isn't as strong (pun intended) as I'd like it to be. To make it to Ireland, I need to raise in excess of R90,000, and I'm reaching out to you, your friends, and maybe even that crazy uncle of yours for support.


Your contribution, whether big or small, will make a significant impact. It's not just about me; it's about all of us coming together to turn a story of adversity into triumph. With your support, we can show the world the strength of our community.


Thank you for considering being a part of my journey. Together, let's make it to Ireland and bring home that world championship medal!


Fundraising target

R 90 000.00

Donations to date

R 5 630.80

Donor Messages

I often say that Wayne will never know how much he has and continues to inspire those around him and even those he may never meet. hulle weet nie wat ons weet nie - Wayne, let's get you to Ireland and show them!

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