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Hearing loss does not discriminate. It does not care what colour your skin is, how big or small your bank balance is, where you live or what you may believe. Human nature makes us believe: “It can’t happen to me. It won’t happen to my family”. Something as simple as a virus can leave you or a loved one deaf tomorrow and often times it takes more than just your hearing. Did you know certain antibiotics, chemotherapy and viral illnesses can take your hearing overnight? A little dramatic you may say. Meningitis. A scary word, a healthy child becomes gravely ill, and if they come home, they can no longer walk, talk or hear anymore. It doesn’t really matter, until it really happens to you.

For this reason we don’t discriminate. We don’t care what colour a child’s skin is, how little or much their parents earn, where they live or what they believe. When young children find themselves in this predicament, they need help not discrimination; their families need support not recrimination. If someone believes in them, if someone does something, they have a chance at an amazing full productive life.

From this our mission was born. The children and families who arrive at the Centre have often been turned away from many other institutions. A deaf school sees a deaf blind child and says sorry you need to go to the blind school. The parent arrives at the blind school and they say sorry you need to go the deaf school. Where does this parent go? Not even the Department of Education is very helpful in these cases because they also don’t know where to go with these children. We are therefore a very unique early childhood development centre, a one of a kind place.

If we close our doors tomorrow a total of 90 families (30 families in the school and 60) children in our visitors programme) who have already been turned away everywhere else are back where they started, with nowhere to go. But here’s the thing, every day that goes by in a hearing impaired child’s life where nothing is being done, it takes away another little piece of that child’s future success. Add to it conditions like cerebral palsy, autism, a language learning disability or a speech learning disability and the damage is that much greater. A child, who may have been able to hold down a simple job, becomes a dependent for the rest of time.

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