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In February 2021 our family received the much-dreaded diagnosis... Adelé has a T3 tumor with N2 and MRF-positive --- cancer, stage 3 at minimum.

I remember the day we sat in the oncologist's waiting room scanning through their pamphlets on colon cancer and its causes:
  • Over 55... Adelé just turned 36 that year,
  • Sedentary lifestyle... Adelé received her Protea colors in bodybuilding,
  • Poor eating habits... not in the least. It's not possible to represent your country in Slovakia in the women's physique category with poor food choices.
She ticked none of the boxes...

And thus the ascent of Everest began in February 2021...

Unfortunately, after chemoradiotherapy, surgery to remove the original tumor, and ongoing chemotherapy ever since, Adelé's cancer has continued to grow and spread. Originally colon cancer, it evolved into the lymphatic system and recent scans are picking up spots in the apex of the right lung and also in the liver, albeit small. She is currently receiving palliative cancer care.

The problem with cancer in the lymph system is that it forms tumors along the system and these put pressure on surrounding organs, nerves, blood vessels, etc. One of these tumors is currently putting pressure on Adelé's obturator nerve leaving her in agony with acute, non-stop nerve pain. Needless to say, she is on serious pain medication 24/7. Apart from pain, it also cuts off the nerve feed to her left adductor muscle which causes muscular atrophy.

We are currently raising funds to surgically remove this tumor and to assist her recovery. These costs are steep and the procedure is estimated at R187 472,69. Keep in mind that this is an estimated amount. She is currently on medical aid, but under a waiting period until the end of November, and to be honest, even then it is doubtful that the aid will cover everything. This, unfortunately, is not a procedure that can wait.

A big thank you goes out to all the various donations already received! These unselfish, altruistic acts restore that glimmer of faith in the hope that this nightmare too shall pass.

Currently, we are R60k short of the immediate target.

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