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Dear wonderful peopleĀ 

Hi, I am a high-school student that with enough handwork was given an opportunity to travel to Ireland and England and the tour was organized by a company called, "TravelandSport". I was so happy when I received the opportunity to achieve my dreams of traveling but when I checked the total cost of the tour my heart broke because I knew currently that I couldn't go because of the situation my family and I are going through. You see the reason why my parents can't afford right now is because my dad lost his job and could barely afford to pay simple expenses like to pay for electricity and water. I was in a shock state because when I finally got the opportunity to achieve my dream I couldn't and that thought left me heart broken, so I decided to ask the internet for help to help accomplish my dream and stay for motivated to try my best in my studies to achieve more in life to help my family and I and to promise myself to not give up in my goals and dreams to not end up in the situation me and my family are going through right now. I ask from the bottom of my heart so you can please donate any amount to please help me achieve my dreams.

Thank you.


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