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Woman and children to life

"Woman and Children to Life" is a compassionate organization that was founded with the sole mission of supporting women and children who have fallen victim to abuse and poverty. At "Woman and Children to Life", we firmly believe in creating opportunities for healing and offering comprehensive support services to those who have endured unimaginable hardships. 

Our organization offers a wide range of assistance, including crisis support, counselling, legal advocacy, employment counselling, shelter provisions, and feeding the hungry. By providing these essential services, our goal is to empower women and Children, victims of abuse and poverty and help them rebuild their lives, ensuring that every woman and child can live a life free from violence and fear. 

Unfortunately, the harsh reality is that there is an ever-present need for our services and no help for these people in our area. Every day, countless women and children suffer silently, trapped in an abusive environment. 

They desperately yearn for a glimmer of hope and a chance to break free from the chains that bind them. It is with this urgency that we appeal to you for your support. "Women and Children to Life" is a one-stop centre for women and children who are survivors of abuse and poverty. 

Our vision is to create a safe and secure society and a human rights culture where women and children are empowered to exercise their full rights. We will provide 
1. A 24-hour emergency shelter 
2. Short and medium-term residential care 
3. Childcare services 
4. Counselling, mental health support, legal and economic empowerment services 
5. Children's counselling 
6. Research in gender-based violence 
7. Job Skills training 
8. Legal advice 

We need: For the women in the Shelters: Bedding, clothing, curtains, furniture, non-perishable food, small appliances, soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and towels. For the children in the Shelter: Baby formula, books, clothing, crayons, educational toys, koki pens, nappies, paper, and pencils. For the organization: Office supplies. For the building and grounds: Tables and chairs, fridges, gas bottles, curtains, garden tools, lawnmowers, paint, stackable plastic chairs, urn. 

"Woman and Children to Life" HOW YOU CAN HELP by Donating to the Centre The Woman and Children to Life Centre is a registered nonprofit organization. Like all NPOs in South Africa, we depend on the government, foundations, corporate businesses, and individuals for most of our funding. What will you be investing in by giving to the Centre? An upgraded shelter where abused women and their children can live safely. 

Five-second stage or transitional houses, where some women and children can live for a year. Free legal assistance that helps women apply for protection orders and child maintenance. On-site partner organizations which provide specialized counselling and job skills training. Women are participating in the Centre partnership programmes and leaving more empowered through empathic and supportive counselling, skills training and greater awareness of their rights. 

Women and children living in safe accommodation, who also benefit from counselling, life- and job-skills training and psycho-educational workshops and go back to their communities strengthened and supported by their shared experiences; continued growth of the number of services available from the Centre, enabling more women and children to access essential services. Without your help, these women and children don't have a chance. Please help us to make their lives worthy.


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R 50 000.00

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