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Walking with Brandon Foundation

In 2012, a tragic gymnastics accident left Brandon Beack wheelchair-bound as a quadriplegic.  Following 10 weeks of inpatient therapy, the Beack family struggled to find an outpatient facility that met all of Brandon's rehabilitation needs, and private healthcare was simply too costly.  They realised that outpatient facilities providing neurological rehabilitation that is financially accessible to the average South African are few and far between, and it was this dilemma that led them to the Shepherd Centre, and outpatient facility in the USA that provides cutting-edge neurological rehabilitation and advanced medical care.  The Beacks poured everything they had into getting Brandon to the Shepherd Centre, and at the time, they had no idea just how important and foundational this trip would be. 

During his time there, Brandon bnefitted tremendously from the expertise of the medical professionals, and their vast selection of rehabilitative technology and equipment helped him make remarkable recovery.  He returned to South Africa with a new mindset, determined to make the standard of medical care that he received available to those South Africans who need it the most, and thus the Walking with Brandon Foundation was born.  

Empowered with the knowledge and skills of highly-trained medical professionals, and with the aide of financial donors, the Beacks were able to procure a few incredible pieces of rehabilitative technology - like the EKSO Bionics EksoGT exoskeleton - along with Brandon's incredible story as a way of creating hope for themselves, as well as for the disabled community.  Our EKSO Bionics EksoGT exoskeleton is in disrepair, and in order to continue to provide world class rehabilitation to our patients, it has to be replaced at a cost of Two Million South African Rands.   

We would appreciate your financial support to purchase a new exoskeleton in order that we may continue to reinforce our belief that rehabilitation is a right, not a privilege, and that all physically-disabled South Africans should have unobstructed access to high quality outpatient rehabilitation, regardless of their income. 


Our Therapy & Beyond Programme encompasses the Walking with Brandon rehabilitative philosophy and treatment approach; it is an integrated, holistic treatment package which comprises two programmes, i.e. our Neurological Rehabilitation Programme and our Peer Support Programme. 

Our Neurological Rehabilitation Programme focuses on the body and is run by our team of highly trained and empathetic biokineticists.  We do this by providing advanced medical care for neurological conditions and disabilities using our ground-breaking rehabilitative technology - like our EKSO Bionics EksoGT Exoskeleton- backed by the latest neurology research. 

The programme is based on 6 stages: pre-rehabilitationmuscle recruitment, posture and joint stabilityresistance and endurance trainingpre-gait, and gait.  

Less than 20% of South Africans have medical aid, meaning that more than 80% of the population depends on government funding for healthcare.  With little access to long-term rehabilitation, few people reach the full potential of their physical abilities after a neurological injury or disorder; many remain wheelchair-bound with low levels of physical activity. 

in order to reach our goal of providing for all disabled South Africans with neurological conditions, regardless of their financial limitations, we also offer subsidised rehabilitation for the fiancially constrained.   

Our Peer Support Programme focuses on the mind, and is run by Brandon Beack.  Periodically, Brandon will host workshops at several recreational locations where patients are invited to gather, thereaby creating a safe space for disabled people where patients are able to share their experiences and give advice for the benefit of the group.  

Donor Messages

Gillian Kolbe
Greatful & inspired to do my rehab with two great Biokinetist, in Rob Evans & Claire Shackelton & team.
Paul M
Absolute pleasure to donate to a cause that will help so many who need it.
Sheona and Charlie Shackleton
We have been so inspired by the highly moving stories our daughter has shared about the multiple theraputic benefits of the exo, not least the emotional response to being able to stand & take a step.
Best wishes - Pam B
Deidré Van Rooy
You need all the support you can get with the life changing work that you do!