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Waumbe Youth Development Centre

Waumbe, is a Swahili word that means “Build them”.Waumbe Youth Development is a registered Non-Profit Organization 178-970 NPO established in 2014, well located in Fisantekraal an informal community near Durbanville, situated in the northern suburbs of Cape Town. Waumbe aims and seeks to progressively develop purpose driven young African youth. Equiping youth for the future.


In 2015 Waumbeconducted a community study, in collaboration with Won Life[1]. The goal of this study was to have a clear understanding of the community challenges and to particularly identify the causes of poor academic performance and the high number of high-school learners drop-out. From this study the results indicated that there were multiplicities of causes, such as

  1. Lack of Career Guidance;
  2. Poor Academic Performance;
  • Lack of Role Models from the Community; and
  1. Social Decay.


Having conduct the study as Waumbe,to carb and progressively address the challenges we chose to create and implement programmes that directly address the root causes.



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